ADSR Mix 014: DJ Rudeboy

June. 12. 2015

ADSR Mix 014 by DJ Rudeboy based in Czech Republic.

The 14th edition of the weekend warmup mix series brings us to the Czech Republic, where Rudolf Matejcek aka DJ Rudeboy stands in for mix duties.  Rudeboy is a part of the well established shadowbox crew in Prague and is known for his expertly crafted drum & bass sets, full of bassline rollers and liquid gems.  However the mix he’s left for is on a bit of a different tip and actually contains no dnb at all!  Instead we were left with a very pleasant surprise… an hour of downtempo, dub techno, and tech house selections …. Enjoy!

Hey Rudeboy, please introduce yourself
Hi, I’m Rudolf and do a lot of things and one of them is DJing. :)

How did things all get started for you?  When did you first get into DJing?
I began attending some random techno parties here in Prague when I was 16 and since then I’ve always wanted to be a DJ. I used to watch them at work and thought yes, that’s what I want to do. We went to my friends house and practised there for some time, I started buying a lot of drum’n’bass records (even though the first ones I bought were house and progressive). I started a server with drum’n’bass news until Bifidus Aktif (one of the guys behind Let It Roll these days) noticed me and asked me to be a part of Shadowbox. And now here I am. :)

Describe your DJ sets in 3 words.
Different every time.

Tell us a bit about
It was the place where I went for any drum’n’bass related information when I was young, its an honour for me to now be a part of it. We are an info server about quality music - sets, news, interviews, photo-reports, a party list…Also it is a radio show at Czech Radio 1.  The radio show was started 16 years ago and was founded by DJ Koogi, who still is a member of Shadowbox. And last but not least, we have our own internet radio ( where you can hear a 24/7 stream of drum’n’bass + some exclusive podcasts.

Aside from Shadowbox, you were a part of organizing the Drumix parties for several years in Prague, which have been responsible for bringing artists such as Rockwell, SPOR, Naibu, Cyantific, and Logistics to the Czech Republic.  How did Drumix get started and what is the focus of the events?
Well that was a time when we felt there was a lack of new names being brought to Prague. And also, all the parties looked the same - 2 or 3 clubs, still the same DJ and a projection behind them. And we wanted to change that. So we went for new venues, new upcoming DJs and we invited my friends from the university who were doing amazing vector visuals on transparent folia. Now times are different. There are a lot of promoters and DJs coming to Prague, sometimes even people I dont know, haha. So we quit and let others do their job. :)

What is the electronic scene like in the Czech Republic in general?
It’s okay and I believe it’s been really healthy recently. There are clubs for mainstream music, and clubs for new and upcoming projects.  Drum’n’bass is still one of the most popular genres here which is amazing. There are many new clubs popping up, each is somehow different, and that’s a good thing.

You are also a Czech radio 1 DJ, what music do you focus on for your show?
I host a bi-weekly drum’n’bass show at the Czech Radio 1 with another Shadowbox DJ - 2K.  It’s always an hour of new releases, then we have an interview with our guest and a guestmix or spotlight set. 

Tell us a bit about the Let It Roll festival and your relationship with it?
It’s the biggest drum’n’bass festival in Europe, a booking agency and now also a label. The guys from the festival also bought and reconstructed one club here in Prague - Storm Club. Today the only connection between me and Let It Roll is that I am part of the booking agency, meaning if you want to book me, you go through them. :) In the past I used to do graphic design for them and therefore I had a chance to play there a lot, for which I am grateful.

You also are the designer behind DJ Rome’s Blue Sapphire record label, Do you find your audio/visual pursuits tend to compliment one another?
That is one of the projects I love doing because the label boss - Jay Rome - is not limiting me at all. I always listen to the music and while listening to it I create the visual. I hope it does work together then because that’s what I am trying to do every time. 

Whats coming up in 2015?
We are rebuilding and redesigning the website, the old one is more than 10 years old. It’s still in the early stages but I really like where it is going. DJ wise, I have some bookings abroad. Last month, I was working on my first vinyl sleeve design for Noisia’s label - Invisible - which is really exciting and I can only thank my friend Evan (Hybris) for that. Looking forward to when it’s out!

Parting words?
Big up for what you guys doing and good luck with ADSR in the future!     

Thanks Rudolf, all the best with your various projects and upcoming events! Check out more from DJ Rudeboy: have a listen to his exclusive ADSR mix below and connect with him on Facebook.

DJ Rudeboy
ADSR mix


01. Deru - Let The Silence Float
02. Darkside - Golden Arrow
03. Recondite - Still
04. Ametsub - Lichen with Piano
05. Driftmachine - Claire Obscure
06. Glitterbug - Silent Glory
07. SCSI-9 - Ellsworth Land
08. Stimming - Third of June
09. Kiasmos - Thrown
10. Sven Weisemann - Evolver
11. Nutia - Em Pessoa (Deer Remix)
12. GoldFFinch - Eenah
13. Solpara - Swing
14. Audion - Sky (Scuba Remix)
15. Steve Bug - Somewhere In The Night
16. Beacon - Fault Lines (Dauwd Remix)
17. Constantijn Lange - Essaouira (Acid Paulis Berber Edit)
18. Floating Points - Montparnasse