Artist Feature 003: Ding

Dec. 1. 2014

ADSR Artist Feature of Ding from Czech Republic.

We catch up with Czech producer Lukas Cervenka, aka Ding, to talk music, Drum & Bass, and visual performance.  Lukas’s unique approach to dnb production has landed him a series of excellent releases on labels such as: Modular Carnage rec., Defmuted recordings, and Sun Side Music Group.  Having recently relocated to Vancouver, Ding shows no signs of slowing down.  

Hey thanks for joining us on the blog, whats going on these days?
Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak with you today! These days, I’m living my dream here in Vancouver! I am busy with work and do find myself with less time to focus on my music, but I’m really excited about the material I’ve been collecting for a few upcoming releases. 

With releases on numerous labels and more planned for the future, how do you maintain such a high output of quality music?
Even when my schedule is its busiest, I will make time to produce. I find the act of writing music to be so enjoyable and relaxing. I begin the process by producing for myself, rather than tailoring my material to the style of a specific label. 

Any studio tips or advice?
Before I start a new project, I already have an idea of the soundscape and mood that I want to create. It’s also very important to me that I finish everything that I start because, in the past, my collection of projects was a big mess of unfinished works. Lots of my friends have the opposite approach though, so it really depends on the person. 

How was it growing up in the Czech Republic? Were you into electronic music and drum & bass from a young age?
The Czech Repubilc was a great country to grow up in; I had amazing childhood! I have my father to thank for my passion for music and the arts in general. At a young age, I didn’t like electronic music at all. I was a fan of jazz, punk, and ska music until my best friend, Miroslav Ostry, took me to my first Drum and Bass party. It was a High Contrast show, I think. Ever since then, I found Drum and Bass to be the right tempo for me. I literally fell in love with dnb! It was a few years after that show that I decided to start making Drum and Bass music myself.  At first, I had no idea how to begin, so I asked my good friend, Adam Strop (aka Dirtyboy) for advice. He showed me how to use FL Studio and I am still very grateful for that! Thanks Adam. 

What caused the move to Vancouver?
At first, my plan was to stay in Vancouver for one year to work on my English and experience a new country. I’ve decided to extend my stay; let’s see for how long! 

Talk to us a little bit about INVERT, your stage design and visual performance art group.
Well, before I started producing my own music, I was VJing for a few local parties: nothing big.  That experience inspired my friend, Peter Popelka (aka VJ Zero Cube) and me to form a little art group by the name of INVERT. We were focusing on stage design and live projection and had lot of fun! I really enjoyed that time and learned so much doing it. INVERT is still operating back home. We did few big events, such as Therapy Sessions, and Imagination Festival in Prague. Most of our projects have been for my friend, Forbidden Society. It was really a pleasure to be able to work with this guy!

What parallels do you find between visual performance and music production?
Wow, that’s a tough one! To me, visual and musical performances aim to create a mood or a feeling. When I’m producing music, I have an image in my mind that helps me maintain the mood of the track. It’s the same when I’m working with visual projection, but the opposite process. Both senses are tools for expression.

What’s coming up in the next few months?
Like I mentioned before, I’m working on few projects now. Two are collaborative: one with an artist named Bassment and another with Strato, a Czech producer. I’m really looking forward to the release of two tracks with Zenith Music, an independent label in Czech, and Grind Audio. And I’ve saved my most exciting for last: my second release on Sun Side Music Group, a label run by Misology. I’m really excited for the release of this track, and it has been such a pleasure working with Misology.

Big thanks to Ding for the words and tunes, listen to more below!

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