ADSR Mix 012: Depths

Oct. 3. 2014

ADSR Mix 012 by Depths based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The fall time isn’t always the easiest time of year here in Vancouver.  The weather still teases us with the occasional t shirt day, patio beers still exist… but its tough to deny the fact that the colder, wetter months are coming.  Shorter days, less festivals, and barely any naked people on Wreck beach (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing :P) tells us the sombre months are on the way.  Luckily we have the perfect mix to ease you into the fall and winter months of the west coast.  Victoria, BC selector “Depths” brings us an hour of hip hop, downtempo, and rainy day beats to help us remember the summer and look forward to the winter. 

Hello and welcome, please introduce yourself.
Hi, my name is Marc, aka Depths. I’m reppin’ Connecting Circles, a collective of like-minded DJ’s and producers out of Victoria B.C.

How was the summer? Took a break from music and looking to crack back into the production?
The summer was good. I was busy planting trees all spring and summer like usual, so there wasn’t a lot going on for me in regards to playing music, mainly just listening and getting inspired.

After having some experience as a tree planter, how does this influence you creatively and musically? Must be a bit difficult seeing these beautiful natural areas in such a ravaged state.
This mix is a perfect example of how tree planting influences me creatively and musically. I found inspiration this fall while planting out by Port Renfrew - it was a day where the fog was so thick you couldn’t see 10 meters in front of you and it was misting rain. It felt surreal to be climbing around through a massive old growth graveyard; the mood was very sombre. I was listening to ‘Cut from the Team’ by Submerse when I decided I wanted to make a mix with a similar tone and vibe to welcome the fall and ease into the darker months where we tend to slow down a bit. 

It is difficult to see the destruction caused by logging, especially where we were working by Renfrew. Some of the areas we were planting are places that should have never been logged in the first place and it’s pretty upsetting to see first hand. The Gordon River valley is chock-full of beautiful old growth and now it basically looks like swiss cheese.

What genre(s) are you particularly attracted to and why? Or do you prefer to avoid too much classification?
I definitely try to avoid over-classification. I’ve been really inspired in the last few years from watching genres starting to meld into each other and create new and exciting hybrid sounds. This past year I’ve been attracted to a lot of music around the 160-170 BPM range, especially a lot of footwork, jungle, and half-time drum n bass - like the stuff being released on Diffrent Records out of the UK.

What sounds do you feel are really fresh right now? Any producers you’re really digging at the moment? 
I’ve been listening a lot to MTWN, and Arkaik on the darker side of things, as well as Dubbel Dutch - loving what he is doing right now with dancehall hybrid sounds. Dj Rashad (RIP), I felt his album Double Cup was flawless start to finish. I was really excited to see where he was going to go from there; he definitely left this world too soon. The new Ep just released by Fracture, Sam Binga and Rider Shafique is straight heat. Chimpo’s new ep on Exit Records, a lot of the Hyperdub label, Swamp 81, and also Project: Mooncircle, which you will find a few tracks from in this mix.

What’s going on with you production-wise these days? 
At this point I’m still learning a lot about the production side of things, so it’s all strictly in the bedroom until I can make something I feel is worth sharing.

You mentioned playing out quite a bit in Victoria the past couple years? Any favourite venues?
I loved playing at Hush before it closed down. It was the first club I played and I always had a great time, the vibe was always just right. In all honesty my favourite places to play tend to be outdoors, smaller venues, or people’s houses. I love the intimate vibe when everyone is on the same level together and the only thing between you and the crowd is the table and your gear

Take us through the mix you have for us.. Any particular inspiration or direction with the mix?
I mentioned a little earlier about my inspiration for this mix. The direction I was looking to take it involved finding and using tracks that conveyed a lot of emotion and had an overall synergy with the changing seasons. I created this mix with the idea that it would best accompany a foggy fall morning or a dark rainy day quite similar to the weather we start to experience on the West Coast this time of year.

What’s going on for the rest of 2014?
I’m actually leaving to go backpacking in South East Asia for the next two and a half months, so it doesn’t look like I’ll have much going on musically for the rest of the year, but I’m sure I’ll come back with a lot of inspiration!

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1. Shlohmo - Couch (Soosh Remix)
2. Deft - Maybes
3. Shlohmo - Rained The Whole Time (Nicolaas Jaar Remix)
4. Jabu - Empty Days (feat. M.S. Harris)
5. Ganju - Waves (feat. Lantsberg
6. Fiji - Remember Only The Good
7. Isaiah Rashad - I Shot You Down (C+S By CRTX)
8. Random Rab - Dust at Dawn
9. Shigeto - Olivia (KRTS Moxie Tribute)
10. Dj Shadow - Six Days (Machinedrum Remix)
11. Shlohmo - My Drum Loop is Stuck in Molasses
12. Thriftworks - Die Gracefully (feat. DH The Mythicalifornian)
13. Nicolaas Jaar - WUOH
14. Empt - Boop
15. Long Arm - When Children Sleep (Empt Remix)
16. Lapalux - Straight Over My Head
17. Lunova Labs - Burden (Kyson’s Market Stall Remix)
18. Monokle - Coast
19. Long Arm - Gika Gika feat. Sneaky & I.V.A
20. Noyce - Lucy
21. J Dilla - Fall N Love (GDNA Rewurk)
22. Walrus Ghost - Her Absense Filled The World