ADSR Mix 010: Chuzwuzzla

Sept. 05. 2014

ADSR Mix 010 by Chuzwuzzla based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Another work week has come to a close, which can only mean one thing, time to warm up the weekend :)  This Friday we welcome Stephen ‘Chuzwuzzla’ Wester to the ADSR blog.  Hailing from Medicine Hat, living in Vancouver and representing the Goodparty crew, Chuzwuzzla’s multi-genre approach guarantees something for just about everyone.  House, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, breaks, and throwback jams make up this mans selections.  But rather than trying to classify his musical prowess, I’m just going to point you in the direction of the 30 min mix he’s left for us below.

Take us back, what was your musical upbringing like in Medicine Hat? 
Music gave me a positive outlook on life from an early age, I started listening to Hip Hop and was introduced to Jungle in grade 8 by my cousin.  Artists like Freaky Flow and Aphrodite sparked my love for electronic music, the rest was history.  I was always looking for music and trying to find parties, but with such a small city and little music scene we had to make our own fun.  Promoting parties and bringing in DJ’s from out of town got me inspired to start DJ’ing.

Any early influences? 
Well after being introduced to Jungle I got heavy into the Breakbeat scene.  Artists like Aquasky, Deekline, Stanton warriors, etc… booty bouncing type breaks.

What was your first DJing experience like? 
The first live show i played was on Vancouver Island in a little town called Port Alberni.  They didn’t have any shows going on while I was living there so me and my room mates did our own.  We had a 7 person turn out!  Haha I was still nervous as hell, but had a great time. 

How did you get involved with the Good Party crew? 
Me and one of my best friends Casio CoPilot (Greg Harrison) wanted to start throwing parties and making mixes with like minded people.  Good music, good people and fun times.  From there we got some of our close friends with the same outlook to join and help build. 

You did a mix entitled “cause I’m funkin drunk” do you like to get funky and drunky? 
Haha yea well I was slightly drunk when I made it, but had a lot of fun funky tunes that came out well in a mix.  Funky is fun, and that’s what I like to have

Do you produce as well? 
Not yet, I’m always thinking of sounds to create in my head but haven’t dabbled into the production side yet only because of how busy I am with school.  When I’m finished I have a solid group of friends to get me on the right track and hopefully get some good tunes out. 

Favourite venue in Vancouver? 
I like any Venue that showcases good electronic music.  Places where people would only end up because of the music, nothing fake, just true heads. 

Plans for 2014? 
Hopefully get a bunch of demos out to play some more shows and hopefully some festivals for next summer. Good party crew is also gonna be hosting a monthly live stream from my roof top patio while we make food, called bbEQ. 

Take us through the mix you have for us? 
As time goes on I like to focus on things a little more chilled out, nice easy listening music.. just some good house tunes. Even if someone doesn’t like electronic music I like to think they would groove to this still. 

Where can people find your music? 
Me and Dopecreature from Goodparty host a night at the met every Tuesday in Vancouver, hiphop and funk all night. 

People can find my mixes on soundcloud: 

More mixes will be up shortly, and the music won’t stop from the Goodparty crew. 

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