ADSR Mix 015: Casio Copilot

June. 26. 2015

ADSR Mix 015 by Casio Copilot based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This one is a bit of an emotional one for us, as we say goodbye to our good friend Greg Harrison aka Casio Copilot.  Greg has been the driving force of the Goodparty crew here in Vancouver, which has been steadily contributing to the musical mosaic of this city over the past couple years.  Best known for the Art Attack series in Vancouver, exposing new artists and helping to support up and coming visual arts in the city.  Greg leaves us for the greener pastures of Nicaragua, but before he does he’s left us with more than an hour of slow jams, soul tunes and Rnb music.  Straight good vibes from the Goodparty founder.                

Please introduce yourself.. 
Hi I am Greg but I go by Casio CoPilot these days.

What was the first piece of gear that got you started with DJing?  Turntables, CDJ’S, midi controller?
Turntables man.  Old Belt drive Numarks that I bought in 1999.

How do you feel the craft of DJing has changed in the past 10 years?  Where do you think it is headed?
Oh man, technology is making things better in my opinion.  When I started it was all vinyl, my sets always had the same music and I would buy singles for $20 from the internet.  Now a days you can have a set of brand new songs that you haven’t even played before mixed, switch genres and mash songs up on the fly.

I still feel most comfortable with vinyl but have enjoyed playing on CDJs and Controllers.  I really like using effects and loops and really think it allows you to be more creative with your sets.

How do you approach DJing?  Is it just simply playing a continuous stream of music or something more? How would you describe your sets these days?
When I play out, I like to see what everyone has been digging throughout the night and try to keep the vibe going.  For me it’s more than just a stream of music, I want to tell a story, whether it’s about Joy (housier funkier vibes) or being sexy (R&B/golden age) or something more political (Hip Hop & Bass).  

You’ve mentioned being a big RNB fan, what attracts you to this genre?  All time favourite jam(s)?
I think I am a big fan of all genres and definitely don’t try to stick to just one.  My vinyl collection is mostly R&B though.  I put my vinyl on when I have company over or I am eating dinner with my girlfriend and have always found R&B to suit the mood.  

Raphael Saadiq - Instant Vintage is one of the first R&B albums I bought and probably my favourite record I own.

Talk to us a bit about Goodparty and what is the philosophy behind the collective?
GoodParty is Chuzwuzzla, Dopecreature, Mister Moffat, VonBeck, Myself and MakiCat (although he has gone on to do his own thing for now).  We all love playing but there is so much amazing talent in this city that it’s hard to get booked.  So we took a cue from some other awesome crews in town and decided the best way to get booked was to create our own scene.  

Our most known venture has been "Art Attack" at the Waldorf and has helped pay Artists for their work.

Any upcoming parties?
Actually no.  I decided to move to Nicaragua in September to “retire” and have put party planning on the burner until we either come back or start throwing shows in Nicaragua.  Basso Costa anyone?

I know this wasn’t a question you asked but I just want to say how happy I am to know you (the ADSR crew), you really are creating something special and glad I got to be part of the start of it.

Thanks a lot homie, all the best down in Central America… onto the next chapter for Casio Copilot and the Goodparty crew

Casio Copilot “Goodbye” Mix: 
"This mix is actually kind of emotional for me, it feels like saying goodbye.  To what, I don’t know.  I really hope people enjoy it."

1. A$AP Rocky- Pharsyde (feat. Joe Fox)
2. Jonwayne- Green Light (feat. Anderson Paak)
3. Sahtyre- Perfect World
4. Lauriana Mae- Marvelous
5. Anderson Paak- Might Be
6. Shirt- Phantom (Redux)
7. duncan gerow- Craig David + Evil Needle = Fill Me In
8. JENI - Wildfire (SBTRKT ft. Drake & Little Dragon Cover)
9. Portugal. The Man- Evil Friends (feat. Danny Brown) [Jake One Remix]
10. AbJo- I Still Really Love You
11. Ancient Astronauts- Last Night (Featuring Akua Naru)
12. Goldbloc- Blackgold
13. Vince Staples- Hands Up
14. Evil Needle- Sunset
15. A$AP Rocky- Holy Ghost (feat. Joe Fox)
16. chief waKiL- Gone
17. Ancient Astronauts- Rocket Science
18. Kendrick Lamar- Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst
19. Soulection- Ta-ku - Donut Interlude
20. J. Cole- Fire Squad
21. NxWorries- Suede
22. Chapelier Fou- Protest (Dimlite Remix)