Upcoming in Vancouver: Fixing Entropy - Photography Exhibition


This Friday the 13th, join us as Capture Photography Festival co-hosts with Hyphen Collective at Push Pull Cafe to present Fixing Entropy - Photography Exhibition with the ADSR crew on audio support for an exciting opening! 

"This exhibition remarks on photography’s innate ability to act as an apparatus against entropy. As entropy proposes that reality moves toward a sea of evenly distributed chaos, photography, in its deepest ontological and material foundations, attempts to secure time and space before it fades from sight. Through traditional photographic practices, the subject of this show takes up spaces and materials that have already begun this process of dissolution but, through photography, are fixed before entering total disarray."

Featuring photography by:

📷 Matthew Wong (Hyphen Collective)

📷 Noah Friebel

Music selections by:

🎵 Jon O'Neil
🎵 Thomas Osicka
🎵 Sladien.m

Our upcoming Tokyo gig!


We are back at our favourite little "rave cave" this coming Thursday!  Tasteful rhythmic selections all night from some of our in-house ADSR selectors alongside our Tokyo favourites!  
See you on the dancefloor 💃

Food 🍛

Bar 🍸

Thursday. April. 5th
9pm-5am / 1000¥ (includes 1 drink) 
Bar Bonobo

Mary Yalex for Deep House Amsterdam

Check out the "all originals" mix German artist Mary Yalex recently did for Deep House Amsterdam.  

1. Mary Yalex – Uranus
2. Mary Yalex – Arp Love
3. Mary Yalex – Walking on the moon
4. Mary Yalex – Just a feeling
5. Mary Yalex – River
6. Mary Yalex – Glacier
7. Mary Yalex – Sun
8. Mary Yalex – Earth Blossom
9. Mary Yalex – Hyper Heart
10. Mary Yalex – Metallic Elements

👉Follow Mary
🎶 Soundcloud
📷 Insta


NEW FEATURE: ADSR blog 022- "Jar 94"

Once known as "Space Monkey" through the radio airwaves, our special guest soars gracefully from the Pacific Northwest. We are delighted to shine the spotlight on audio engineer: Sabrina Dzugalo. In one line, Sabrina is a maven in ambience, processed minimalism, and thoughtful layering.  However, the depth of her mind, creativity and skills extends beyond words. Come for a cyber dive and read the full interview here. Yes, you can double dip into "Jar 94" while you're at it.